Food Tips-Practical Information

Finishing Methods:

Meat has a wide usage area in Turkish cuisine. Therefore, it is of great importance that the meat is delicious no matter which method it is cooked. One of the processes to increase the flavor of the meat is to marinate. Marinated, fresh herbs and spices in a liquid (marinate) is to soften and sweeten by waiting.

Here’s a marinade that you can easily prepare: Cut some onions (eg 3 medium onions for 1 kg of meat) into very small pieces, then put them in a cheesecloth and remove the juice into a bowl.

Put some olive oil, thyme and bay leaf in the same container. Place the meat in this mixture and let stand for 24 hours. You will find that your meat will be soft and delicious.

If the meat will wait after grilling, preheat the storage container, tightly close the mouth, your food will cool later.

When Cooking Meat:

Bain-marie cooking: a method of cooking the food slowly by placing it in a pan with water in order to prevent contact with the burning fire under the pan.

When this method is preferred, it should be ensured that the water in the lower pot reaches at least half of the food in the upper pot.

When cooking chicken in the oven, place the chicken on the tray with the chest at the bottom and the back on top, and use your oven at 160 ° C to cook the inside and not burn the outside.

If you do not want to dry the chicken immediately baked in the oven and do not want to dry when it comes out of the oven and lemon juice on you and wrap in aluminum foil. Your chicken will remain soft.

Meat is cooked longer than chicken. You will get better results if you set the oven to 180 ° C when you are making meat in the oven. If you are going to grease the meat before putting it in the oven, make sure that the greasy side comes on.

When cooking from the recipe, the application of measurements is of great importance.

When you measure material such as sugar or flour in the container, avoid pressing it to place, but gently mix it. The dimensions in the recipes are given accordingly.

Meat, which gives flavor to many soups, sauces, and rice, should be consumed daily for good results.

Boiling the broth repeatedly causes the flavor to deteriorate. If you wait 15 minutes after cooking the roast and serve, both the taste is better, and more comfortable cut.

When you serve grilled meat, put a flavored piece of margarine on it and you will get a different flavor.


It is the cooking of vegetable fish or meats by mixing in oil or by turning them upside down if they are in big pieces until they become darker.

When sautéing, make sure that the ingredients to be cooked are equal in size. Saute the chopped vegetables, fish or meat into small pieces, and the pan or pan lid is not closed. But if the pieces are large, after the utensils are colored, the cover should be covered and continue cooking.

Roasting meat:

Peel off any (sticky) material that has accumulated around the pan and take it into the pan. Because these substances contain plenty of aromas.

When toasting:


It’s basically frying a dish. To do this, the dish is mixed with bechamel sauce, grated cheese or egg bread and spread into the oven.

In order to taste the gratine as much as possible, the container where the food is placed should not be too deep.

One of our most preferred cooking methods is frying. If you are deep frying, you should fry four times the volume of food to get good results.
To understand that the frying oil has reached its ideal temperature, discard a small piece of the frying material into the oil. 20 If the surface comes out in seconds, the oil is at the desired temperature. The temperature of the oil must remain constant during frying. For this, be careful not to put too much food in the frypot at a time.

Do not forget! A good frying oil only foams at the first time and leaves no sticky residue in the fryer.

Foods fried in deteriorated fat fry more than the outside, the inside remains raw. Food is too greasy. Expired oil makes continuous foaming and smoke.

Make sure that the oil you use for frying is corn extract and sunflower, olive oil is not suitable for frying.

Do not season the food to be fried beforehand. Because the spice creates unpleasant spots on the surface of the food.

Extending the life of the frying oil is in your hands:

In order to use the oil in a healthy way over and over, strain after each frying and store in a sealed, light-proof container.

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