14 Amazing Tricks for Better Cooking When You Learn

You can say, “I don’t have food that I can’t do,” and you can boast “I eat your fingers eating food,” or “I’ve just started entering the kitchen, but I’m very ambitious.”

But there’s no such thing as being the best in the kitchen. Because you can always be better. Especially if you know the tricks that make food more delicious and differentiate it …

Here are the tricks to be listed in the following years from our grandmothers, grandmothers, our great-great aunt’s methods remaining.

  1. Try it, you won’t regret it.
  2. When boiling the milk, add a pinch of carbonate to avoid milk cutting recipesTo prevent the peeled potatoes from becoming dark, place them in a water-filled bowl and add salt and stir
  3. reference
    When making rice, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to prevent the rice from settling.
  4. veg recipe world
    In addition, lemon rice makes it stay white.
  5. If the recipe says egg-sized butter, use four tablespoons
  6. If you add some salt to the flour, you will avoid lumps
  7. simply scratch
    Mixing a teaspoon of sugar into yeast makes it better to heal
  8. whats4eats
    You can use sugar even if you make bread, do not be afraid. However, be careful not to mix the salt directly with yeast and water. Because salt will end the swelling action.
  9. Chop the parsley and freeze it in a sealed bag to keep it fresh and fresh
  10. serious eats
    You can store the parsley in the freezer for 8 months.
  11. When the milk is still very warm when the bottom of the pot is wrapped in a cloth soaked with cold water, the smell will disappear
  12. SDK at
    Cauliflower add lemon juice or vinegar to the juice to keep its color while cooking
  13. the thescrumptiouspumpk
    Or you can add milk to keep the color white like snow and do not smell
  14. white on rice couple to
    It also helps maintain the color of a slice of lemon you add when cooking sweet potatoes
  15. hurry the food up
    Add a teaspoon of baking soda to make the mashed potatoes more fluffy
  16. Obstet
    When cutting the greens, sprinkle some salt on the cutting board to prevent them from scattering.
  17. Touch the wooden spoon into the pan to see if the oil is hot enough if the bubbles collect around the board

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