10 Golden Rules to Always Follow to Make the Most Delicious Food

Cooking is a great pleasure for some, an indispensable love for some, and a taste of a profession for others. However, there are golden rules to take care of wherever you are in the cooking action.

It is possible to make the most beautiful meals with the rules you should always have in mind when you are preparing your meals that you will use while pampering yourself, eating with your friends.

Just play the game according to the rules.

Always first: Read the recipe thoroughly

The one point of the meal or dessert you will start to make is the recipe. We are not talking about recipes that you keep in mind, which you always make and you know that you will never forget. The recipes we mentioned are new ones that you may encounter, maybe you make them a few times but you will remember better if you read them.

Carefully read the ingredients, cooking tips, tips and step-by-step instructions in the recipe. Starting with a missing material is like starting a 1-0 defeat. Once you’ve started, you won’t be interrupting food. So be sure to read each detail carefully.

The composition is a must: Bring all ingredients together

The most important thing to do after reading the recipe is to put all the ingredients in your recipe on your desk. If it’s a dessert and you need to use sugar as a sweetener, don’t forget to put it on your table.

Pay particular attention to materials that are very simple but can be overlooked. Little nuances like tiny vanillin, a scoop of baking soda, and ingredients that you might have in mind, such as bay leaves, will cause you to miss the food you want to make.

Break the egg in a separate bowl

We know that broken eggs have the habit of falling into bowls. Therefore, creating a list of materials in a separate bowl of broken eggs are among the logical movements.

It may attempt to assassinate our teeth while eating eggs, which may otherwise be mixed into flour or other material.

Love is the building block: bring it to room temperature

Usually the ingredients you will use when cooking should be at room temperature. Adding butter to the dessert makes the process difficult. Therefore, room temperature is one of the first three substances.

In short, give them the warmth of your love and throw away the “ice adaki between them. In the face of your interest, the ingredients will show your love and will do their best to get a good meal.

Follow the follow-up: Follow the recipe in order
chaos to clarity – follow the order of recipe – the golden rules of cooking
chaos to clarity – follow the order of recipe – the golden rules of cooking

Everything is ready at hand; list of ingredients, frozen foods brought to room temperature and recipe. But there’s one more thing to watch out for: do everything in order.

Following the steps, one by one and applying them in this way is a simple but effective tip for the food to be delicious. If you add the materials that need to be added first, or you think hepsi Anyhow, they are all mixed up ”, you start to mix them in a place and you are wrong.

Before cooking: Prepare the cooking utensils:

If you are going to make a cake, don’t forget to lubricate your cake ceiling or put it on greaseproof paper. In addition, if there is a pan that you need to heat before putting the oil, it is useful to prepare the pan so as not to burn.

Because small mistakes made in the cooking process can cause the burning smell to pass to the food, stick the cakes to the molds and even burn. Attention.

Eliminate: Eliminate flour

You can eliminate everything you need to use in powder form, not just flour. Because during the sieving process, you leave out the pieces that are likely to be lumpy. So you can achieve a more homogeneous structure.

The importance of achieving a homogeneous structure is that the food is smooth and as thick as you want. Large flour pieces coming to your guests’ mouth in the flour halva will not be nice in our opinion.

Before placing in the oven:

Don’t forget to eat food before you put food in the oven, not lentils. When you put the mixture or food you prepare in an oven that does not heat up, you will prolong your cooking time and prevent you from cooking more effectively.

It may not make sense to preheat the oven economically, but let’s tell you a little secret that you will be consuming more electricity as the heating time and cooking time of the oven with food will take longer. So it’s important to heat it before you put it in the oven

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