How to Clean Your Washing Machine Easily with a Few Natural Materials?

He washes our dirty laundry and we think that he is always clean because he is always washing, but … In fact, washing machines also need to be cleaned.

Over time, the dirt accumulated in our eyes, even if we do not see the dirty water remaining in a number of places, or for a long time in the machine to keep the laundry wet for a variety of reasons, such as the washing machine is not cleaned with the right cleaning, this can even cause the laundry to smell bad.

It is up to us to take precautions before such seriousness and clean the washing machine.

As you can imagine, we will not talk to you about cleaning products that contain a variety of chemicals. We will explain how to clean the washing machine with the natural ingredients found in the house.

Let’s tell you what you need to know about washing machine cleaning without further ado.

First, use white vinegar and water to clean the detergent and fabric softener parts of the machine.

One of the most visibly contaminated parts of the washing machine is the detergent and softener, as you know. In fact, the interior of the machine is much dirtier, but the first eye-catching area of ​​the cleaning is useful to start.

You only need white vinegar and water to clean up this area where the detergent and fabric softener remains. You can easily find white vinegar in large markets and says how to apply.


1 cup of white vinegar (If you can’t find white vinegar, you can also use apple or grape vinegar)
1 liter of water
How is it done?

First, boil the water and let it cool for about 5 minutes and let it heat first. Mix white vinegar into this hot water and mix well. If this compartment of your washing machine can be removed, first remove it with a clean cloth and clean water, then put it in the mixture and leave for 10-15 minutes. Finally, rinse again with clean water and replace.

If this compartment of your washing machine is not removable, you can reduce the number of materials you will use by half. So add half a glass of white vinegar to 500 milliliters of hot water and mix. Then put this mixture in the spray bottle. Take a clean sponge and spray this mixture at every possible point of the compartment, then clean it thoroughly with a sponge. Own.

Then add vinegar and salt to the detergent compartment to clean the interior of your machine.

Cleaning the detergent and fabric softener compartment is the simplest step of cleaning the washing machine. More important than this is mold and lime that you cannot reach with your hands, even with your eyes, but where there is a bad smell and even breakdown of the washing machine. As you know, white vinegar is one of the products that support us in the fight against lime. When the salt is added to the vinegar, which is considered as an expert in cleaning, it is quite easy to purify the washing machine from mold, lime, and bad odor. “How is he doing?” Let’s take down immediately.

1 cup of white vinegar (If you can’t find white vinegar, you can also use apple or grape vinegar)

First mix vinegar and salt well, then put this mixture in the detergent compartment of the washing machine. (If you wish, you can put the salt in the detergent section and pour the vinegar directly into the machine.) Then let your machine run in a hollow manner at 90 degrees for 1.5 hours. That’s it!

An important note: For some washing machines, the temperature of 90 degrees can be quite challenging and can adversely affect the performance of the machine. In this case, you can clean at 60 degrees.

It is also important to pay attention to these points when cleaning the washing machine …

You have cleaned the detergent and softener compartments and interior of the washing machine, done, of course not. As you know, there are many different parts of the washing machine. So if you do not get rid of the bad smell, no matter what you do, you can try to get support from experts if you think that the laundry you are washing is not actually washed.

You should also ensure that the tire between the cover and the inside, called the “bellows tire”, remains clean. Because this tire is in direct contact with water, detergent and soiled laundry, it gets dirty very quickly, and because of its shape, dirty water deposits can form inside. For this reason, after each wash, you can wipe this bellows tire with a clean cloth and dry it.

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