How to Irrigate Plants at Home on Vacation?

Those who like to grow lots of plants at home, even when the mind goes out of the house for 1-2 hours, those beautiful flowers, vegetables, fruit, the remaining gather!

We know that many of you don’t want to leave them at home on holiday, but you have to leave because you can’t find a cure. You want the neighbors to give you the key to the house and look at it every few days, but you can’t stop the thoughts that say, “If they are too exposed to the sun, they become dehydrated or fade …” we know, and we understand you very well.

So there’s nothing we can do to deal with these bad situations? Of course, there is!

You can prevent your plants from bending your neck by taking the following precautions before you go on holiday and leave your house for a long time. When you return home, you can find them vivid and colorful as you left them.

Here we go, let’s start telling.

You can put water-loving plants in a large bowl or basin full of water

At home, if you grow your plants in pots, water-loving plants, before going on holiday, get a large basin or storage container and fill the pot with enough water to cover the pots and place them in the pots. Every day, your plants are carefully watered so that they can easily access the water they need while you are on holiday.

However, when performing this procedure, you should ensure that there are only 1-2 drain holes in the bottom of your pots, not many. If the soil of your plants draws too much water, the roots may rot. One final warning will be about the type of your plant. If you do not want to water every day, you do not like water plants you should not apply this method. Otherwise, this time, not because of thirst, but because of excess water, your plant may rot and fade.

For plants that require less watering, you can use the sprinkler method:

Another way to ensure that your plants reach the water they need is easily whenever they need it. As to how this method is applied, put a lot of water in the pot as you can see in a large container or figure and place this water-filled container in a place higher than the height of the pots.

Then place each of the plants you will leave at home around the bowl full of water and find a thick rope such as shoelace, knitting rope, and set one in each flowerpot. Place one end of the rope nicely in the soil of your plants, and place one end of the rope into the container full of water. Let your plants get the water they need by means of a rope and you can make your holiday with peace of mind. Own.

You can stick a bottle of water upside down on your plant’s soil:

One of the most applied and yielded methods is to irrigate plants through bottles. If you have large potted, earthy plants, find a bottle where you can fill up enough water during your holiday. (Can be glass or plastic) Fill this bottle to the brim with water. Then carefully invert it and stab it in the soil of your plant and make it stand almost vertically. A little too much water may come in when you place it, but then there will be no rapid flow of water from the bottle you turn upside down, just as in the above method, the water will gradually get into the soil.

If you have plants that don’t need much watering, you can leave a container full of water:

If you have plants that don’t need much watering like cactus, you can still leave a container full of water in the environment where your plants are. Especially in hot weather, water will evaporate quickly, so it will provide the moisture that plants need. If you are going to be away from home for a long time, it is useful to make sure that the container you fill is large.

Keep your plants in a place, Where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight

Of course, the only negative aspect of leaving your plants at home when going on holiday is not watering. You should not forget that you will always keep your plants in a fixed place during the holidays, even during the day, where you move their plants and move their pots from one room to another according to the sun.

You should take into account that the weather can be very hot, especially in areas where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight so that they are not adversely affected by the scorching heat of the sun. However, the rooms where the curtains are tightly closed and the sun does not enter will not be the right choice.

You should arrange a place where your plants can receive daylight, for example by closing only the tulle curtain of a sun-exposed room and providing the appropriate environment for them.

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