The role of Fast Food in our lives

Urbanization, fast-food-style eating habits entered into human life with intense work tempo, obesity, vitamin deficiency, cancer, insomnia to many physical disorders are invited.

A study conducted in the UK showed that recent changes in the diet of the people have led to negative consequences on mental health. According to the results of the research supported by the organization ‘Sustain’ and the Mental Health Foundation, fast food style nutrition is directly associated with ‘depression, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia’ and the lack of useful fats, vitamins, and minerals. Researcher Courtney Van de Weyer, “to feed the body well, the mind means to feed well,” he said.

According to the research, additives, and pesticides used in feeds lead to changes in the animal organism. That’s why people consume omega 6 fatty acid more than omega 3. When vitamin and mineral deficiencies are added to this imbalance, depression and memory problems occur. According to the research report, more nutrients should be given to amino acids, especially fish consumption.


The Ministry also emphasized that fast-food restaurants target minors under the name of ‘children’s menus, and asked for caution in this matter. According to the nutrition recommendations of the Ministry of Health, more baked and grilled foods or vegetarian burgers should be preferred. In addition to meat sandwiches, there should be interest in chicken and fish sandwich options. Salad dressings should also be reduced in oil. Fast-food foods with plenty of fruits and fresh green vegetables and lean milk-yogurt should be consumed. Pizza dough should be prepared from whole wheat flour.

According to the report prepared by the Ministry of Health, most of the fat in fast food products are of animal origin and contains mostly saturated fatty acids. This is a risk for many dangerous diseases, especially coronary heart disease and cancer.

Avoid frying in oil

The grill should not be too high on the surface when grilling. When cooking, the distance between meat and fire should be 10-15 cm.

Deep frying is often used in fast food restaurants. Since these oils are used for 10-12 hours, they undergo physical changes. This increases the formation of cancerous nitrous compounds during frying. Cola drinks, tea, and coffee are frequently consumed in the form of fast food nutrition. As a result of excessive caffeine intake irritability, restlessness, insomnia and blood pressure causes such conditions.

Colorants, aroma enhancers, sweeteners, and antimicrobial substances are added to the food in the diet. These additives increase the risk of cancer in the long term. A meal fast food contains about 1,500 kilos of energy. However, 50-60 percent of this high energy comes from oils.

Chicken and fish products are considered the best choices in fast food restaurants. However, these products contain fewer calories and fat than beef and other red meats, but because of their cooking techniques, they absorb high amounts of fat.

There’s as much salt in the sea as fast food:

Fast Fast food is almost as salty as sea water, day said the experts, especially the health of their children are urged to be careful. 22 scientists who form a health group in the UK, some of the major fast-food chain has published the report of his research on the menus.

According to the report, many foods in fast food restaurants contain a very high amount of salt.

Excess salty foods can cause heart disease, blood pressure, and stroke.

Useful foods for the brain:

  • Vegetables (Fibrous)
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Fruit
  • Wheat, bran
  • Organic eggs
  • Organically grown or wild-caught fish (especially oily)

Food harmful to the brain:

  •  Fried fast food foods
  •  Refined and processed foods
  • Alcohol
  • Candy
  • Tea and coffee
  • Some additional ingredients
  • Foods containing pesticides

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