Unhealthy nutrition, which is one of the biggest problems of today, can be the problem of individuals in every age range from infancy to old age. Especially in our age when ready-to-eat is quite high, the increase in obesity and the emergence of various diseases inevitably become inevitable.

Due to the information about healthy eating from the ear, people eat very small amounts of food or the body does not receive the food groups as a result of the disease can not be prevented from occurring. the high energy of the body, the appearance is good, the mood includes all the situations such as positive. Even in one of these situations, disconnection has negative effects on one’s psychology.

If you feel tired, bored, exhausted and nervous for most of the day when you are dieting, you should review your diet list. Especially low-calorie diet lists, the body does not meet the energy needs of the continuity of short-lived causes. You can find the answers to all the questions you are curious about healthy eating in the following article.

Starting the Day with Breakfast!

BreakfastThe most important meal of the day, breakfast, is the key to healthy nutrition and weight control. In addition, research shows that children who have regular breakfast every day are more successful in the classroom, are more capable in understanding and solving problems.

One of the most important advantages of breakfast is that it balances blood sugar. Thanks to the balancing of blood sugar, the body moves more calmly and determines the number of calories to be taken at the next meal. However, if breakfast is not made in the body that is hungry from night to night, both the metabolism slows down and the person is unable to control himself and turns to unhealthy foods.

The nervous system is also very important for the functioning of the breakfast, individuals of all ages should definitely make. You should not miss milk and dairy products, seasonal vegetables and egg which is a source of protein for breakfast.

Careful to get the food groups the body needs!

To ensure that the cells that make up the bodywork in a balanced way, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins need to be used sufficiently. It is extremely unhealthy to eat unilaterally, ie protein or carbohydrate alone. A balanced and healthy food pyramid shows five main groups. These; carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and sugar.


The body’s most needed food group is carbohydrates.

In this group; rice, bulgur, pasta, and bread. Although the carbohydrate group contains the most needed nutrients, weight gain can occur in restrained and uninspired persons.


  • meat, milk and cereal products.

Oil – Sugar:

The person should consume at least the group of fat and sugar, A, D, E, K contains vitamins in a small amount should be taken.

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