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Best Practices for a Healthy Kitchen

Green kitchen If you want to eat more green or vegetarian, this application is ideal for you. Accompanying you in the kitchen, Green Kitchen helps you prepare delicious and inspiring vegetarian recipes. With a full selection of natural ingredients, minimum gluten, sugar, and dairy products. Nutria Find out what you …

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14 Amazing Tricks for Better Cooking When You Learn

You can say, “I don’t have food that I can’t do,” and you can boast “I eat your fingers eating food,” or “I’ve just started entering the kitchen, but I’m very ambitious.” But there’s no such thing as being the best in the kitchen. Because you can always be better. …

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The role of Fast Food in our lives

Urbanization, fast-food-style eating habits entered into human life with intense work tempo, obesity, vitamin deficiency, cancer, insomnia to many physical disorders are invited. A study conducted in the UK showed that recent changes in the diet of the people have led to negative consequences on mental health. According to the …

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